PC Repair / Tuneup

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Evaluate and repair any computer, if possible*. Provides a standard multi-point tuneup that includes:


  • Check overall health of system
    • Make sure antivirus is current and active
    • Check health of hard drive


  •  Make sure system is free of viruses
  • Check and repair hard drive (chkdsk)
  • Defrag hard drive if needed (non-SSD)
    • Windows Update
    • Applications
    • Antivirus

All parts and labor are extra, and will be arranged with you the customer before additional charges are added.

* Some computers may prove to be either un-repairable, or else not worth repairing, due to the cost of parts and/or labor exceeding the ultimate value of the computer. In these cases, we will attempt to determine this as early as possible, and let you know before proceeding with any additional repairs.