Office 365 can definitely make your computer life easier! Most people think of Microsoft Office, which is basically MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Advanced users may also be familiar with other apps like MS Access, Publisher, and so on.

Office 365 takes that a step further, however, and also offers top-notch email, with features that you’ll love! Because the email is powered with Microsoft Exchange server on the backend, you get unparalleled sharing capabilities, plus, a common view of all of your email across all of your devices. Read an email on your phone? You’ll see on your desktop that it’s been read, and vice versa.

Having your email system in the cloud also provides for all kinds of other great online features as well, such as a full bookings manager, shared calendars, and just about everything that a small business can need, and more.

I’ll be writing a few series of articles over the upcoming weeks, tune in for more!



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